Justice and Judgment

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”   These words, forever enshrined in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, speak of the fundamental human rights of all people; but even beyond the affirmations by human governments, we know that… Read more »

The Power of Good Judgment

Many describe Christians as too “judgmental.” Others mistakenly believe that as followers of Christ, we should not judge at all. In The Power of Good Judgment, Bishop Smith sets the record straight and masterfully redeems the believer’s right to make important judgments – but with a critical caveat: those judgments must be measured and righteous…. Read more »

The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Sometimes, we may feel like God is far away – somewhere out of reach. Nothing could be further from the truth. Through the Holy Spirit, God is closer to us than our next breath; and when we begin to fellowship with Him, we will enter the deepest and most intimate relationship that we can possibly… Read more »

The Lordship of Jesus

Many have accepted Him as Savior; fewer have accepted Him as Lord. In this insightful series entitled The Lordship of Jesus, Bishop Smith reveals Jesus Christ not just as the Messianic deliverer but as the Lord of all. The word “Lord” means owner, master, and ruler. Jesus is the Owner of all things, and when you submit to His Lordship in your life, He gives you… Read more »

Touching Perfection

Deep down, we as human beings long for perfection – the perfect day, the perfect experience, the perfect relationship, or the perfect solution. Although we are not perfect ourselves, something inside of us reaches for that which is higher, better, and greater. We as believers serve a perfect God, and when we come into contact… Read more »

America on Fire

In this highly prophetic and sobering message, Bishop Smith sheds much needed light on the condition of the United States of America. The words spoken in this special sermon will help you understand what is happening in our nation from a spiritual perspective, likely sending chills down your spine while simultaneously inspiring hope in God’s… Read more »

Declaring the Name of God

One of the greatest gifts that a father can leave his children is a good name, or a respected reputation. As a son or daughter of God, you carry His name and you represent His “brand” in the earth. Clearly, DECLARING THE NAME OF GOD involves much more than simply saying the name of Jesus;… Read more »

The Spirit of Might

Unchecked power in our world is often characterized by corruption and abuse, but when the might of God manifests itself, it is the most unstoppable force in the universe. When the SPIRIT OF MIGHT is present, all natural laws are suspended, and the raw, uninhibited power of God is unleashed. In an atmosphere of God’s… Read more »

The Ground War

Coming on the heels of the quintessential “Understanding Spiritual Wars” series, GROUND WAR will empower you to fight the battles in your life at the ground level – where the rubber meets the road. Once the “air strikes” have been made and you have claimed your victory at the spiritual level, it then becomes necessary… Read more »

Harvesting Promises and Prophecies

For generations, the prophecies and promises of God have been declared over our lives, families, and communities. The time has now come for us to “harvest” those prophecies and promises – to activate the power of what God has determined for our destinies. By fully believing and receiving the Word of God, both generally and… Read more »

Understanding Spiritual Wars

The future of any people is determined by either the wars they choose to fight or the wars they fail to fight. Jesus Christ has already overcome the world, and He has won every victory you will ever need. However, your ability to manifest that victory is contingent upon your willingness to establish the Kingdom… Read more »

The House of God

The best – and indeed only – remedy for the ills of our society is the manifested presence of God in the earth. The House of God is not brick and mortar; it is a portal between heaven and earth that activates an open heaven. Under an open heaven, the favor of God is released,… Read more »