Week 1

Understanding Spiritual Wars

The future of any people is determined by either the wars they choose to fight or the wars they fail to fight. Jesus Christ has already overcome the world, and He has won every victory you will ever need. However, your ability to manifest that victory is contingent upon your willingness to establish the Kingdom of God in direct defiance of demonic opposition. You must actively declare the victory of Christ over your entire life and fight the good fight of faith in order to experience the benefits of that victory. “Air strikes” must be made in the heavens, and “ground wars” must be fought in the earth. In UNDERSTANDING SPIRITUAL WARS, Bishop Smith will equip you with the revelation and authority necessary to fight every war that you must fight. We are battling for our destinies, for our families, and for our nation, and we are here to boldly declare the rule of Jesus Christ in the earth!

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