Week 1

Touching Perfection

Deep down, we as human beings long for perfection – the perfect day, the perfect experience, the perfect relationship, or the perfect solution. Although we are not perfect ourselves, something inside of us reaches for that which is higher, better, and greater. We as believers serve a perfect God, and when we come into contact with Him, we can experience a dimension of His singular, unrivaled perfection that will change our lives forever.   In Touching Perfection, Bishop Smith offers revelatory insight concerning the absolute perfection of God. By virtue of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we as sons and daughters of God already received that complete perfection by faith. However, perfection is also a process, and God continues to perfect that which concerns us every day of our lives. This inspiring series will teach you how to “touch” the perfection of God and begin to walk in that perfection. You will also be challenged and inspired to dedicate everything in your life to the Lord so that His grace will bring it to a place of fullness and completion. You were born to experience perfection – it is in your spiritual DNA. Find out how to manifest that reality with Touching Perfection!

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