Week 1

The Spirit of Might

Unchecked power in our world is often characterized by corruption and abuse, but when the might of God manifests itself, it is the most unstoppable force in the universe. When the SPIRIT OF MIGHT is present, all natural laws are suspended, and the raw, uninhibited power of God is unleashed. In an atmosphere of God’s might, every limitation is broken and anything is possible. In this forceful and empowering series, Bishop Smith will teach you how to walk in the limitless might of God in your own life. “Counsel” and “might” are paired together in the Scriptures, and in order to walk in God’s power, you must first learn how to stand in His counsel – to commune with Him and receive His will in your own spirit. Then and only then will you be equipped to receive His strength to achieve the impossible. Experience the SPIRIT OF MIGHT, and receive the power to do great exploits in this incredible series!

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