Week 1

The Power of Good Judgment

Many describe Christians as too “judgmental.” Others mistakenly believe that as followers of Christ, we should not judge at all. In The Power of Good Judgment, Bishop Smith sets the record straight and masterfully redeems the believer’s right to make important judgments – but with a critical caveat: those judgments must be measured and righteous.   Far too often, our filtered lenses and slanted perceptions can taint our ability to see clearly, and when we make judgments from a place of imbalance, we only perpetuate instability in our respective environments. However, if we can receive the grace of God to remove the filters from our eyes and correct the imbalances in our hearts, we can begin to see as He sees, and our judgments will bring peace and healing to broken situations. This phenomenally enlightening series will transform your life and your world forever. It will empower you to accurately assess and effectively address injustices and inequities, and it will unlock your vision as never before. Release The Power of Good Judgment!

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