Week 1

The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Sometimes, we may feel like God is far away – somewhere out of reach. Nothing could be further from the truth. Through the Holy Spirit, God is closer to us than our next breath; and when we begin to fellowship with Him, we will enter the deepest and most intimate relationship that we can possibly experience. His steadfast presence will allow us to live a life far better than anything we could plan for ourselves.   Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He assured us that He would not leave us comfortless. Although his physical body was no longer present on the earth, He sent the Holy Spirit to be our Comforter. Living inside of us and walking the journey of life with us, the Holy Spirit is our advocate, our intercessor, our help, and our guide. With the Holy Spirit constantly present, we never, ever need to feel alone. In the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit, Bishop Smith will reveal the limitless benefits of a life led by the Holy Spirit. When you commune with God, He will talk to you, help you, and empower you. It is time to experience a deeper fellowship with the Spirit of God and live the life you were born to live!

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