Week 1

Harvesting Promises and Prophecies

For generations, the prophecies and promises of God have been declared over our lives, families, and communities. The time has now come for us to “harvest” those prophecies and promises – to activate the power of what God has determined for our destinies. By fully believing and receiving the Word of God, both generally and specifically, we will witness the revelation of God’s full intent in our world. God always keeps His promises to His people, and the level of faith that we ascribe to those promises will determine the magnitude of their manifestation. Some prophecies were given in generations past, and we are the generation that is going to pull those prophecies into the present reality by faith. All we have to do is believe God! In HARVESTING PROPHECIES AND PROMISES, Bishop Smith will help you to distinguish between prophecies and promises, activate your faith in God, and receive the grace to walk in the fulfillment of God’s will for your life!

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