Bishop Smith’s Response to Supreme Court Decision

Greetings to the Saints of the Most High God and Savior Jesus Christ. On behalf of Embassy Covenant church, it is my objective to set forth and affirm our position with respect to the institution of marriage. Our beliefs, as Christians, are deeply rooted in the boundless, inexhaustible, eternal Holy Scriptures. In the wake of… Read more »


Greetings Champions!! I was thinking about the leadership of the Lord. Leadership is primary, everything else is secondary. The Bible instructs us that we have the greatest leader in the universe, who is God. The Lord is our Shepherd, He’s our leader, He’s our caretaker. He leads us beside still waters. He leads us in the paths of righteousness for… Read more »

The Ground War

Greetings Champions!! It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I am contemplating a verse in the Bible that admonishes us to endure hardness as a good soldier. The Apostle Paul shares this with Timothy. He encourages Timothy to endure hardness as a good soldier.  One of the ways by which God enables us to do that is… Read more »

Walking by Faith

Greetings Champions!! I trust you are walking by faith and not by sight.  The Bible says the elders obtained a good report by faith.  Their reputation was solidified; their stature increased among people and before God because of their faith and willingness to act upon the things the Lord had put in their hearts to… Read more »