An Apostolic Father to many, Bishop Hugh Daniel Smith is a gifted, multi-dimensional thinker, visionary, international conference speaker, teacher and author. He believes in family and the transforming power of right relationships. His life’s mission is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth by restoring and protecting the rights of all people. He is known for his keen insight into spiritual matters and his unique ability to make them relevant to the times. When you combine his unique style and charismatic wit with the Godly wisdom he receives and lives out daily, his influence and genuine love for people is undeniable.

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Jabula Global

Jabula New Life Ministries International is committed to empowering churches and leaders. Our mission is to establish a Kingdom community and culture to help develop strong mature churches, properly appropriate Kingdom resources, drive effective evangelism and establish social justice.

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"No Want, No Fear"

In this insightful, revelatory book, Bishop Hugh D. Smith Jr. will teach you how to experience genuine, profound, and lasting rest. The journey begins with a crucifixion, continues with an awakening, and concludes with a prophetic confession. In an age so often characterized by needless stress and anxiety, Bishop Smith will unlock the power of the cross and propel you toward peace and productivity. Discover a life free from want and fear, but full of rest, as you delve into the first-ever written work from Hugh Daniel Smith Ministries- "No Want, No Fear."

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